Nov 9, 2010

The World Wide Web (among other delightful things)

I recently discovered something really exciting about Blogger. They have added a Stats button on the top of the page that allows you to view information about your blog. I've always been curious to know where my teeny-tiny neck of cyberspace has made it to, that this button actually intrigued me.

And I learned a few interesting things about my readers.

1) My most avid reader is my mother.
2) Sugarnuggets comments on my blog most often.
3) The two websites that direct readers into my blog most frequently are: My Facebook Profile, and Erica Akers.
4) Someone in China read my blog. I thought that was cool, and then I wondered how they would be able to read it.
5) My blog gets average of 10 hits a day. And the most commonly read entry? The Big Bug With Lots of Legs.

Really, very useless information to you all, however I found it quite interesting.

Also useless, is this painting. I typed in 'a funky painting' in google images. It's called 'a funky tree'. It was the first one that came up. Useless.

Word of the Day: moue (a pouting grimace)

Quote of the Day: "I'm a woman, therefore I'm manipulative by nature."

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The dB family said...

It is useless, but interesting none the same. One of my top posts is "As a Baby Jesus Came." Weird. Why that one?