Feb 26, 2012


From what I can glean of the usage of the term, 'postmodernism' would
seem to designate art forms that are fundamentally self-reflexive --in
other words, art that is self-consciously art (or artifice), literature that is
openly aware of the fact that it is written and read as part of a particular
culture, having as much to do with the literary past as with the social 
present... What postmodernism has done is show how the 'natural' is in fact
the 'constructed', the made, the social.

-Linda Hutcheon, The Canadian Postmodern

"This is not a pipe." Rene Magritte

This is a constructed image of a pipe. 

Word of the Day: listless

Quote of the Day: "Turns out it was Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Kitchen."

Feb 23, 2012


February has flown by. I feel bad for not posting.

The last few weeks have simply been homework filled, including getting out the February issue of The Crown. Last week, applications went out for Editor-in-Chief. Since I will be leaving at the end of the year, someone needs to take my place. It's hard to give up something that you've poured your heart and soul into for 3 years, but I know that God will bring someone in to continue what The Crown has managed to accomplish in the last several years.

It's bittersweet really.

I've also been reading my brain out. I've nearly finished some Michael Ondaatje, which I began reading yesterday evening (I have about 60 pages left), and I need to get my game on, and finish some LOTR today.

Reading break was needed.

Word of the Day: Lego

Quote of the Day: "Recomputing.." Tim Hawkins on GPS for Marriage

Feb 8, 2012

Winter Past

Accepting that we might not see a real winter this season is not something I have done easily. I had such high hopes for the remaining winter months when it snowed like crazy here last weekend. Luckily, my camera was on hand, so I snapped some creative shots.

This week has been pretty busy, and so I have not had a chance to edit them to a point where I felt like justice was done. Now, however, as I reminisce about the ghosts of winter's past, I feel as though they are a healthy reminder of what this city should look like in the middle of February.


This is what winter should look like. However, this is not what it looks like out
my window anymore.

I love this shot. I love that you can see the snow falling. 

Word of the Day: meme

Quote of the Day: Me: "We can fellowship about our worldview about the moist, palpable cake!"
Laura: "That is an ugly sentence."

Feb 5, 2012

And February feels like Spring

Watching the sun set tonight reminds me of summer.

It's a curious thing, feeling the warmth of a sunset in winter. I've been curled up in my golden armchair all afternoon, making my way through The Fellowship of the Ring, and listening to various soundtracks on my computer.

And now, as the last lights of the day are beginning to sink beyond the horizon, I wonder if winter will ever come. I'm fearful it won't, only because I see the trees budding presumptuously.

Word of the Day: Numenor

Quote of the Day: "University isn't designed so that you can do all the work." Well, isn't that the truth.