May 26, 2010

A little bit of my life

So, I promised pictures.

Remember when I said we had mice in the house? Remember when I mentioned the bit about chipmunks? Well, this little guy scared the crap out of my housemate this past week. She almost touched it, which is pretty gross.

His name is Alfred.

As you can see, the whole -caught in the mousetrap- thing worked well for it. Just in such an inconvenient spot. Jon, one of the guys who inhabited the dorm beneath ours all year, is on Security for the summer, and gladly got rid of Alfred. This involved a drastic hurling of both animal and trap into the backyard. To which he said, "See if that's still there tomorrow!"

The next few photos are of my room. I have a lot of clothing laying everywhere. Let's face it, I am moving out of Blue Castle in a week, and the necessity to clean up my floor isn't high on my priority list...especially since I spend all day cleaning.

And this was the day Kaitlin decided to climb out of her window and on to the roof of Blue Castle. It took a pretty sweet picture though!

And that is my life. It's been really hot working the last couple of days. Blue Castle is stiffling hot at night. We're working at 7am again this week. I don't mind it, surprisingly. My body is getting used to the early rise thing, and is less and less tired in the evening.

Kait and I biked to Chapters tonight. There were some lovely sales, and I finally invested in an iRewards card. I bought several wonderful books. I'll let you all know what I think of them when I finish reading them.

Wednesdays have also been instituted as Whopper Wednesdays. Pretty much the entire cleaning crew gets together for lunch and goes to the BK Lounge on Upper James. Today was really funny, because instead of asking the cashier questions about what to order, and how much things would cost, and what comes on the burgers, I got to answer all the questions. I loved it. Burger King is my namesake.

Off to bed now.

Word of the Day: whopper

Quote of the Day: Me: "I have a package on one side that's really heavy." Kait: "Uh, that's really awkward."

May 25, 2010

Life in Blue Castle

I am getting horrible at this. Rest assured, in one week's time when I have internet access in the place I live, I will be updating more regularly. I have a ton of pictures to put up.

Let's run this down, shall we? Saturday night was movie night at Joel's. Maria, Emily, Joel and I watched 'the Devil Wears Prada' (Em had never seen it before - and she calls herself a Meryl Streep fan) and had dinner. It was it always is when we English nerds get together.

Sunday night was movie night with Kailtin and Jon. We watched Fanboys and Zombieland, ate about $40 worth of pizza and wings, had a full bottle of sprite, sweet chili heat doritos and twinkies (because you have to eat twinkies when you watch Zombieland. It's just the way it works!). Felt completely disgusing afterwards, but it was so worth it.

Monday was a chill day. I liked having May 2-4 weekend off for the first time in 5 years. I forgot what that feeling was like. I mostly read. I have 2 more(ish) books to read in the Hitchhiker's series. And since I have read one of them already, it shouldn't take me too much longer. There is a waiting list of people who want to borrow the book(s) from me.

Then today, it was back to work. Cheers to making beds and vaccuuming. Life is good.

Word of the Day: keys

Quote of the Day: "Someday Brittany is going to host her own children's show!" -Deanna

May 17, 2010

Break Time

Quick post here.

Spent the weekend in Blue Castle by myself...well, and the mice. But I decided that since they were there first, I would respect their territory, and keep to myself. A wise choice.

That, and I left all the lights on in the house for the weekend. Sleeping in a house by oneself is a scary thing when it has never been done before, and when it is not home.

I now must return to work.

Word of the Day: Flip

Quote of the Day: "It should be -Bring your own lunch to work- Thursday!" Deana

May 8, 2010

Those pictures I was talking about.

They are a little backwards. The bottom is Kait and I moving out of Aug Hall, then the loaded car. The top two photos are snapshots of Blue Castle.

We had a lot of stuff.

Today is G&G Kroll's 50th Wedding anniversary, so I am home for the weekend to celebrate with the family.

Word of the Day: Anniversary

Quote of the Day: "ASIANS DIE EVERY TIME I COME HERE!" Me to Nick VanHuizan after Lucy Liu and Sun and Jin (from LOST) had died on various occasions during this past week on television.

May 2, 2010


Moving was exhausting. I now have greater respect for all those people who move from house to house all the time.

Kait and I borrowed a friend's car, provided I cook him dinner. So, tonight, I will be making him Speghetti (his request). Until then, I need to move my room around and start making cards. We don't have internet, so that should give me a good amount of time to get myself organized. Probably means lots of time to read too.

(I am sitting on Redeemer's lawn right now, mooching their internet...which is what I will do when I need to watch LOST on Tuesday night as well.)

Pictures will follow.

There are chipminks living in our basement.

Kait and I are basically exhausted, because we also worked a 6 hour shift last night, cleaned the entire dorm (just the two of us) and moved everything. We are very thankful we had a vehicle.

Word of the Day: flip-flop

Quote of the Day: "Kait! You're a tank!"

May 1, 2010

Moving Day!

It's moving day!

I am officially living on my own this summer.
What excitement!

Word of the Day: boxes

Quote of the Day: "If I had to talk to someone and it was the wall, or Deana, I would choose the wall."