Jun 30, 2008

For Some Reason, Time Doesn't Make Things Any Easier..

Perhaps, the best of the best feel the loss of another. That simple feeling that promotes an incapability of survival. When the one you have fallen for isn't within reach. As in, across the country.

I never knew what it was like to be so ridiculously attached to someone until this summer. Call me a lost romantic, but in every sense of it, that is what I am right now. I am lost without my love. I feel like a peice of me just isn't here. It's an odd feeling. Especially for someone, such as myself, who has grown up with much of a bleak outlook on 'love'. I never understood how someone could give themselves whole heartedly to another. Not until now. Time doesn't make life apart from him any easier. It makes the whole thing more depressing. The days I count that I'm not by his side, are days I feel are worthless. How I miss his smile, and his eyes, and his hand holding mine. Craziness ensues perhaps. Perhaps not. Maybe this is what blogs are for.


Jun 12, 2008

As If

For what it's worth, I'm tired of Marineland commercials. I'm tired of the new song. I'm kind of angry at them for making a new song. I have to learn all the new words now. Like what is that?

For what else its worth, this blog entry just sucks.

I'm tired of this world. All that's on the news anymore is this stupid presidential election (which I suppose isn't that stupid, we're all just tired of hearing about it. I mean, really, whoever wins next has got a lot to clean up, and the USA could really use a world facelift). I'm tired of hearing about how energy inefficient our world is, and how gasoline costs so much. I'm tired of hearing about smart cars, and smaller laundry detergents and green this and green that. I mean, really, can we change that much? Our society will always be wasteful. If we run out of oil (which I have no doubt we will) we'll find some other non-renewable energy source to waste until we have nothing left. And then, we will fight each other, and kill each other.

My outlook on the world is generally bleak. My outlook on humanity probably could be better. But I love people. I think they are funny. I think the human brain is a curious thing. And I think passion and reason are the conflicts that we as people need to worry about. Its when passion controls reason, and reason controls passion that the real war begins. The brain against the heart.

My brain wants to learn the words to the new Marineland commercial, my heart wants the commercials to die. I'd say that's conflict.