Jan 27, 2011

Get your adverbs here!

Just in case you were wondering...

Word of the Day: pompous [ly]

Quote of the Day: "That's what men did in the 19th Century. They dueled, they waxed, and they sniffed flowers." Dr. Jacobs

Jan 24, 2011

Because it's been too long...

The Crown is out. 

I have done rather extensive amounts of sleeping since I have returned from my adventures to Montreal. Kristen was up this weekend. She slept on the floor.

Thank you to Erica for eagerly awaiting my next blog entry.

I wrote the editorial for this month's Crown (not to mention redesigned the layout).

I watched only the good songs from Hairspray.

Ambition to get anything done would be strongly appreciated. So if anyone has any to spare, I could use it. 

Sorry that this is uninteresting.

Word of the Day: Polemical

Quote of the Day: "The one time I wanted to get screwed!" Meghan

Jan 17, 2011

Montreal to Remember

I realize I promised to post while I was on the train. My apologies (though, I don't think anyone was eagerly waiting, really). The last few days have been incredibly busy, and incredibly informative.

I have learned a few things about the Canadian University Press that were slightly overwhelming. I mean, The Crown is a fairly small paper, we publish less issues, and less copies of said issues than any other paper in the CUP. We represent one of goodness knows how many Canadian University papers/magazines that are a part of the organization. I couldn't believe just how big CUP was and how much they actually do to promote University Press.

I've had the privilege to sit and listen to some of the most interesting speakers on everything from defamation and the media, to undercover journalism, to the most effective way in which to use web advertisements. I have to admit, I was surprised by some of the other papers. I've been able to pick some of them up, and browse about their pages, to really get an idea of what Student Journalism looks like. My goal next year is very much going to involve re-designing the Crown and cleaning up the writing. I hope to have the website improved to support ads, and perhaps qualify for CUP awards next year.

I'm impressed by how much I learned. I'm impressed by the culture shock I experienced. I think I have forgotten what it is like to be a part of a secular institution. In many ways, I believe that I take my life here at Redeemer for granted. For instance, in our welcome packages, we received condoms. I can't say that was something I expected. For me, it is unnecessary. It is also a rather potent reminder that not everyone shares the values I have been brought up to hold, not to mention respect in regards to Redeemer's policy.

Who knows, I may write an article about it.

Word of the Day: Pretentious

Quote of the Day: "There is greasy lubricant on my table." A ten year old kid to his mother on the train between Montreal and Toronto

Jan 11, 2011

Off to Montreal!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Montreal. I have the privilege of representing The Crown and Redeemer at the Canadian University Press Conference. Needless to say, I am both excited and nervous.

Excited because:
- I have the opportunity to meet and connect with hundreds of other students involved in journalism.
- I get to be a witness of a Christian journalist, and Christian paper at a conference where the vast majority of the papers are secular and sometimes questionable in some of their printed material.
- I get to listen to some of the most prominent names in journalism speak during sessions of the week!
- I get to have a tour of Montreal by my cousin Ryan (whom I see, once a year, at Knapper Christmas)

Nervous because:
- It's snowing really hard, we are taking the train in the morning, and I'm a little nervous for travel.
- Suddenly, I am a little fish in a big pond. The Crown gives me a little bit of authority in the Redeemer world, but also responsibility. I'm nervous that I will be completely overwhelmed and not be able to adapt to the 'big pond', or have any idea as to what other papers are talking about
- Voting at Plenary is a little scary. I have the Crown's vote at CUP/NASH, involving things that don't actually affect our tiny little paper all that much, but may have a huge impact in the grand scheme of things!

On a completely different note, I would like to give you a glimpse into a conversation that occurred between myself and Meredeth (and also Joel Sjaarda, who was there at the time, but is more of a bystander, rather than an actual participant). It goes something like this:

BK: I strongly dislike you right now!
Mer: No, Brittany. You simply dislike the fact that you cannot access the extensive vocabulary which you are expected to have, given you are an English Major, which is causing you to lack any sort of legitimate response to my teasing you.


I'll post photos later this week. And I'm hoping to sneak a post in tomorrow while I am on the train. VIArail has become quite considerate, offering free WiFi on their trains!

Word of the Day: Incredulity

Quote of the Day: "And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ - to the glory and praise of God." Philipians 1: 9-11

Jan 9, 2011

Sadie Hawkins Dance

As a jump start to a semester (and to provide a fun celebration of the return of the schoolyear) Amanda's RA group decided to host a Sadie Hawkins Dance. A Sadie Hawkins Dance is one of those old school dances where the girls ask the guys. This particular dance was also Semi-Formal. I've included a few photos.

 My good friend Jer was my date!

 My lovely dorm! (Left to right: Becca, Emily, Meghan, Me, Meredeth, Christine. Front: Amanda, Jenny)

I wore Erica's dress that she left behind when she went to France. She told me it would come in handy for something! :D

My girls are just beautiful. We started dance preparations (something which Meghan refers to as the 'boyfriend routine') around 3pm. This was the nail polish part of the prep process. We sat sprawled out on the living room floor with bottles of nail polish. Mine are now painted a rather bright blue. In fact, I have a cardigan that is nearly the same colour. 

This was followed by the modelling period of the day, where all the girls tried to decided what dresses to wear... all the girls except for Meredeth, who was still quite determined that she was not going to come. That changed at about 6:30pm. But I'll get there.

4pm marked makeup time. Emily did all of our makeup. Our eyes looked incredible! She received a really amazing set of eyeshadows and blush and toner. She had every colour you can imagine, and she did an awesome job! I wish we had taken photos of everyone's eyes up close, because she matched colours to dresses and skin tone.. awesome. 

At the end of the make-up time, we finally coaxed Meredeth into coming. Meghan straightened Becca's hair, my hair and Emily's hair. I did my own hair, twisting it into this cute knot thing. I did Mer's hair at about 7:15pm. After everyone had decided what shoes to wear (Christine came out with two different shoes on, trying to decide which ones she liked better), Becca decided she was going to wear one of my dresses, Mer also decided she was going to wear one of my dresses, and I decided I was going to wear Erica's dress. 

At 7:45 (Dance started at 8) the boys showed up. Here are some snapshots! 

 Josh and Meghan

 Chad and Amanda

(Left to Right) Emily, Mer, Mitch, Andrew, Christine, and Becca

Everyone had a great time. Meredeth was the last one to come home. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would.

Today was spent nursing sore feet and watching Big Bang Theory in the afternoon.

Word of the Day: Bazinga

Quote of the Day: "It's okay, you can always come in for the last Bang!" Meredeth

Jan 6, 2011

Back at School

I'm back.

And being back means six classes, a trip to Montreal, a trip to Juarez, Mexico, and 4 more issues of the Crown.

Pray for me.

Word of the Day: dreary

Quote of the Day: "When you read, you take someone else's consciousness into your mind." - Dr. Jacobs

Jan 1, 2011

Am I a Bookworm?

I don't really need an answer to this question, because I already know that the answer is yes. The question is, to what extent am I a bookworm?

Let's examine the situation, shall we?

1) When I moved into my dorm this September, my bookcase was bulging at the seams. I had accumulated so many books over the course of my first two years that tupperware containers and Redeemer bookshelves just weren't doing the job anymore. So, I asked Mom to donate the downstairs bookshelf (a 6 shelf wall length synthetic wood shelf) to my cause. She did. It is now a vital part of my dorm, housing both my books and about 15 pairs of shoes.

2) I carry anywhere between 2-8 books with me at all times. I usually have a book in my purse. If I am going to be away from my bookshelf for longer that 2 days, I tend to bring half of it with me. This Christmas, I brought home 7 books. (Lost in a Good Book and The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Grapes of Wrath by John Steinback. The Portrait of the Artist by James Joyce. Mere Disciple by Jeff Strong.) I've finished one, and nearly finished another. Two of them I have been working on for quite sometime. One of them I was going to read, as my roommate and I use it as a devotional...

3) I have a very difficult time parting with textbooks. Even those pesky little (and overpriced) coursepacks...those stay on my shelf. With those, my logic is simple... the information might come in handy someday! (I've yet to reopen a coursepack).

4) I have never left a bookstore without purchasing a book. My favourite are the used bookstores with books that have that old and musty smell to them. It is actually the best place to pick up Classics - especially Classics with pretty covers and interesting insciptions. I really enjoy opening a book's cover and seeing all the people who have previously owned it - kind of like, when I was in elementary and high school, the first thing I did when I recieved my textbooks (my goodness do we ever take FREE textbooks for granted) was look at who used the textbook the year before. It was always a fun surprise...all the better if the person who used it previously was a cute boy!

I suppose I could go on, but I think I have made my point.

Word of the Day: placid

Quote of the Day: "Cork in the hole. That'd be a good drinking game, I should patent that!" Uncle Ken