Nov 29, 2011

1000 Gratitudes, Late November Days.

It is essay season for me.
I have (had) 9 papers due before next Friday.
Then exams.

So, 1000 Gratitudes. I need to remember to be thankful.

14. Blaring Jesus Culture music as I write papers.
15. Luther: he's such a good fish.
16. Dorm dinners with boys who cook fancy(ish) meals.
17. Knowing that I love writing papers.
18. Jordan Bokma, the brownie man (and also our digital editor).
19. Post-its. I actually legitimately love these things.
20. Puddles and warmth in November.
21. Advent Sunday number one. LOVE having 30 days to prepare for the coming of my Saviour.
22. Christmas tree lights, and the coziness they bring to a dorm.
23. Green headphones.
24. The smell of fresh baking.
25. Amanda's laugh. I think I'm always thankful for this.
26. Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Word of the Day: Protrudant(ent?)

Quote of the Day: Sean: So, which of my two boys would you like to see mud-wrestle?
Abigail: Can I choose you?
Ha, Awesome.

Nov 25, 2011

Miniver Sail: A new sound

These guys are a new and very talented group of musicians coming out Redeemer's halls. They call themselves Miniver Sail.

I know them as Chrisy Hurn, Simon Fallon and Cory Hoogsteen. You should know them too.

Word of the Day: Rejoice

Quote of the Day: "Leeks and Rubbing Alcohol excite me!" Abigail

Nov 13, 2011

Sunday sounds

New music obsession: SHEL.

They are a group of sisters who have incredible talents. I hope you enjoyed.

Word of the Day: Propagate

Quote of the Day: Amanda's Laugh.

Nov 10, 2011

1000 Gratitudes

A blogging friend of mine has, for as long as we've been blog friends (and that's quite a while, since I'm working on my fourth year of blogging), keeping a list of 1000 gratitudes. I think that it derived from a book, and it's a great idea. Write down 1000 things, over the course of a long while, that you are thankful for.

Another friend of mine posted a quick thought to her Facebook account. It read, "What if you were left with tomorrow the things you thanked God for today?" I guess I wouldn't be left with much.

Here it goes, I suppose.

1. Toilet paper (it seems weird, but really, I am very, very thankful for toilet paper).
2. Cool fall days.
3. My beautiful roommate, Amanda.
4. Laughing at jokes with friends.
5. The Crown and its staff.
6. Being able to read books, and own them, and enjoy them. It's such a wonderful blessing to experience share in the conversation of literature.
7. On the topic of books, curling up in my old, delapitated gold chair reading Charles Dickens or Douglas Adams.
8. The smell of coffee.
9. Waking up and finding sunlight streaming through the windows.
10. Driving lessons and beer conversations with Nick.
11. Starbucks and Chapters
12. The aroma of simmering bacon to start my day.
13. Strangely, I'm thankful for Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Vlogs, Youtube and all this other nonsensical social media we have today.

Now, a few photos to add. Most of them apply to the 77 Things list.

30 Items of Clothing to Donate.


Word of the Day: Gratitude

Quote of the Day: "If you have an accent, by definition, you're supposed to be interesting!"

Nov 3, 2011

Bartering Bills and eReaders

Nick, my dear friend who is teaching me the ways of the road, typically gets paid by beer. We go driving for an hour or more, and then we go get beer.

But recently, we have taken to arguing stupid things over said beers. The result, bets over who is right and therefore who will be paying the following week's bill.

Last week the standoff was whether or not Nick was taller than George Clooney. This week, it pertained to whether the wolf or pigs won in the original Three Little Pigs fairy tale. If the wolf won, I'm paying, if the pigs won, he's paying. However, if the story of The Three Little Pigs was not, as we presumed, to be a Grimm's Fairy Tale, we'd split the bill like nice friends and continue with a new bet next week.

Yeah, we definitely signed that. It was on a Crabby Joe's napkin.

Also, stopped at Chapters yesterday to pick up a gift for a friend. They had their new Kobo Colour Touch eReader. Happy. I might have found love in books. (Christmas, perhaps?) I can even get a pretty leather cover that is magnetic and makes it look like a real book. I might have crossed over to the darkside of reading's future...

Still, my bookshelf will never be neglected. I like turning pages. eBooks don't have smells and feels, just words.

In potential future endeavors, it might be a useful thing to have. And it's pretty.

Word of the Day: Spaghetti Squash

Quote of the Day: "There is copulation everywhere!" Papa-Fabes.