Aug 27, 2011

Luther: Christendom's Superhero

Does anyone else find this as funny as I do? 

It was a book in the Kid's section of MBC's bookstore. Awesome.

Word of the Day: Gumptuous (not even a word).

Quote of the Day: "I need more sleep than normal people my age because I have like 18 children inside of me." Katie Henderson

Aug 24, 2011

90s Nostalgia Summer-End Party

Party was a success.

I also, finally, got my G1. I am almost 22 years old. I'm just going to pass it off and say I have an irrational fear of multiple choice tests. That seems to get the most laughs.

And I cut my hair.

That is all. This time next week, I will be at Redeemer, with my roommate. I love her.

Word of the Day: Fetish

Quote of the Day: "I hate thunderstoms." - Kristy

Aug 18, 2011

More Camp Fotos

Good news is this:

I figured out how to work my iPhoto editor. I'm thrilled. It's become much more fun to take pictures (especially since my camera is now the miracle camera which survived a 15ft drop to the bottom of Mary Lake).

Behold: my week (sort of).

(I drew and painted both Waldo and Spinelli)
Word of the Day: Speed

Quote of the Day: "Aww, that's cute. You're like the foster kids of the Dining Hall staff!" Stephanie 

Aug 15, 2011

What a wonderful world...

A little bit of photo editing and fun summer photos.
What a wonderful world.

Word of the Day: Youth

Quote of the Day (weekend, really) : 'When people buy fish to put on the back of the car they say one of two things: "Hi, I was intelligently created by God" or, "Hi, I came from pond scum."' Calvin Smith, Creation Ministries

Aug 9, 2011

2 Books in 2 Days

I realized this week that I have been working my way through several books since [probably] January, and I decided it was about time I should finish them.

Also, for those avid followers of mine, namely Suggernuggets, who have wondered in silence where the Marineland Commercial Count went, do not worry for it remains. In fact, my surprise is simply that I actually managed some Marineland commercials this summer - all the way up in the Muskokas.

MCC: 3 (includes Radio and TV)

Word of the Day: Pink

Quote of the Day: "Remember spring crew..."

Aug 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of...


My newest CL project.

This poster is advertising the 90's summer party night we shall be having for the Stepping Stones staff.

Word of the Day: Blip

Quote of the Day: "Don't use the word prom!" Dan Henderson