Nov 15, 2010

Blessings, Prayers, and Papers

I am sitting in the Crown office, currently, mucking my way through a paper on John 13:1-17. This is the story where Jesus washes the disciples' feet. I'm a little overwhelmed, and slightly antsy, and I really just don't want to be writing this paper right now. That is slightly problematic.

This morning I was on the Student Life panel for Campus Visit Day. It was pretty cool. I got to answer some questions about Student Life at Redeemer within the dorms. Myself and another guy were the representatives of the RAs. Students seemed really receptive. But the most fun was watching the parents' expressions as they listened to everyone ask questions and then listen to members of STLife try to answer them. I remember my Campus Visit Day. Oh goodness, do I ever remember NOT wanting my parents there. I remember not paying attention to much until I got to experience one of the classes. It was English 222 with Dr. VanRys. I remember being really excited because they were talking about a Leonard Cohen song against 'The Lady of Shallot.' Right then, I knew. This was my school. I think I even took notes in that class.

Looking back, I'm glad my parents came along. I would not have listened enough to the information sessions. I don't think I paid too much attention to the session on Financial Aid, or Dorm Life, or any of that. But regardless, 3 years later, I am sitting in an office in the school, writing a paper, after encouraging other prospective students to come here.

I'm sure the right choices will be made. There is a difference in Campus Life this year. I cannot really explain it, except to say that God is moving in the hearts of those here at Redeemer. Last night, I was watching a movie with a friend of mine, and the five people who were sitting at the kitchen table, suddenly got up (2 guys from Chad and Nathan's dorm and 3 girls from my and Amanda's dorm) went downstairs and closed the evening in prayer. Emily came back upstairs and I asked her what had happened, and she told me this: "We decided that before someone leaves at the end of every night, we're just going to go downstairs and pray, thank God for the day, and be in fellowship."


It's been an honour and a pleasure to be with these people this year. I feel like God has blessed Amanda and I with a wonderful group of girls, and an extended family in Chad and Nate's dorm, where we have the most incredible brothers and sisters in Christ. Amazing.

Word of the Day: Hermeneutics

Quote of the Day: "I want to start the class off thinking about Bottom." Dr. Loney


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the fact that I remember that 222 class. Not that it was a great class, but I liked the Cohen song...

...also, CLASSIC Loney.

joyce said...

I remember sitting in that class with you on our visit day. Yes, you took notes...but most of all i remember your face...the enthusiasm, glow, passion...I think you held back from wanting to jump right in to the discussion! So very thankful that you are right where God needs you to be!