Nov 29, 2009


Not going to lie, Redeemer is pretty much a death trap if Velociraptors were ever to invade.

I had actually never seen Ju(a)rassic Park before coming to Redeemer. All this talk about Velociraptor attacks and the like had never been an issue. My friends in high school didn't exactly go Zombie or Dinosaur crazy. It was more along the lines of the web of all evil (Jared being the center...boys caused so many problems), Shakespeare, and Pirates. Now, my friends have this freakish obsession with Irish singers, being attacked by Velociraptors, the chance of survival in every room if Zombies were to attack...yes, we are college students. It sounds like an entry out of MyLifeIsAverage.

Last night was the final night of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is one of my favourite Shakespeare comedies. I went to see it with Amanda and Perry, and I was quite impressed. The production had an Asian spin on it, which I am not sure I liked, just because it did not work with the faery aspect. Puck just seemed too vindictive and dark. But the Mechanicals were well cast, and so were the 'star crossed lovers'. Shakespeare's literary genius never depresses.

Word of the Day: Negatory

Quote of the Day: 'Good to know I can be used as Currency!' -Me

Nov 25, 2009

Essaying Exhaustion

I have been completely immersed in school work for the last few weeks. Next week I have my last 4 essays due: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. My brain and body are very close to absolute exhaustion. This weekend is well needed, and well deserved.

My study music has been a collection of piano tunes I picked up off the radio on my iTunes, and Michael W. Smith's 'Christmastime'.

That is all I really have to say. Exhaustion is just....there. Maybe I just need to sleep...long and deeply.

Word of the Day: Impress

Quote of the Day: "I decided to screw homework." Chad Haverkamp.

Nov 19, 2009

Joel Called!

Turns out, Navy training sucks.

Bliss for me, I think so!

Word of the Day: Presentate

Quote of the Day: "I live in a trailer park with a big W on my chest and people think I am fat."

Nov 17, 2009

Disney Made Me Proud

It's been a slightly obnoxiously long time since I have blogged. I know that it has been too long when my account makes me sign in again.

We have dorm inspections tomorrow. The night has been full of vaccumming up ladybugs, dusting, cleaning sinks and garbage cans, moving furnature and laundry. I cleaned the oven this weekend, and that was an adventure all its own. I think my abs got a good work out from that.

I'm trying to remember anything super exciting that has happened, but the world has just been going through the motions of school. However, I would be awful if I didn't mention that my lovely little sister was here. In fact, the amusement of our weekend involved two wonderful songs. And these are them.

This next one has the lyrics with it. When Kristen and I heard them the first time, we thought the lyrics near the end were "No one persecutes harmless grandpas like Gaston." Turns out the real lyrics are "No one persecutes harmless crackpots like Gaston." I still am not sure which lyrics I like better. But Disney made me proud, either way.

Let's be honest. You want a guy like Gaston too.

Word of the Day: Henry

Quote of the Day: "If it gets awkward, I'll just kick you discretely under the table. Or I will yell out 'Velosiraptor'." Will Thorburn

Nov 11, 2009

More xkcd.

I definitely have this more since I have read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Also, writing a paper for religion on Mark 1:1-20. Why didn't Mark insert the Genealogy of Jesus or the birth of Jesus in his gospel? This confuses me to no end, and there is not one general agreement that theologians and biblical scholars (yes, they aren't the same thing, blew my mind too) can decide upon. Of course, this is frustrating. Someday, if I remember, I'll ask Mark myself.

The most epic part of my week was this: I finally gave a name to the dear and wonderful new iMac that The Crown purchased. It's name is Milton. I think it suits it quite nicely.

Word of the Day: Milton

Quote of the Day: "It's very possible I could have Jewish background! There were a lot of Jewish people in Holland, a long time ago...wait..." Nate Smit

Nov 7, 2009

And This is How it Goes with Redeemer's Basketball...

And the score was:
Something like 72-31 for Fanshawe.
I was sad.

Word of the Day: notice

Quote of the Day: *deep, profound, silence.*

Nov 4, 2009

Oh, November

Campus Randoms: No-Shave-ember has begun. I will tally the results. I feel as though Nate will come through with the win, though Austin stands a chance with the absence of Dan from the competition.

Epic exhaustion is the state of mind for now. Biology Midterm number two of the semester went surprisingly well, and the day was rounded out with 3 chapters of Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I like Tom Hardy better than Dickens, but I won't say that too loudly.

Word of the Day: Development

Quote of the Day: "Wow! When I take these off you guys become smaller!" Erica Akers, as she removed her glasses. Chad Haverkamp replied, "Gee, that's exactly what a guy wants to hear!"

Nov 2, 2009

Dear Anja

Thank you for the birthday card.
It basically made my day.


Word of the Day: perpetuate

Quote of the Day: "Just what I always wanted, to be known as the white kid." Tim Ubbens