Nov 28, 2010

Have you Heard the Bells?

I can't decide which version of this song I like better.

You don't really need to pay attention to the clips in the second one. I'm interested in the song, not the pictures, persay.

The first version is by Casting Crowns, the second by MercyMe. They are very different. Yet they are both awesome!

Also, a poem I have written. It snowed in Ancaster. I hold to the hope that the weather is making up for last year.

The days be bitter and the nights be cold
As flakes fall softly on the streets alight 
And window’s corner be they new or old
Bid fog and frost in panes’ winter delight.
There, ministry seeks frost’s cold design
Of stained glass mirrors and candle’s light show
The frozen tears and journey thus here shine
Against warm breath or eyes with golden glow.
For in the flakes a grace it doth now fall
To mittens, rosy cheeks and childish faith
Where peace be yours and goodwill to all,
Chime voices sweetly, the world to bathe,
And the street suns bid the white guided down
Upon grasses green and cement walks brown.

Word of the Day: Scrupulous

Quote of the Day: "Advent means coming to understand what it is to be in expectation of the Life of Jesus, and living thus." Pastor John

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