Nov 26, 2010

F Sharp

F Sharp isn't a particularly nice sounding note. I never liked playing it on Flute because it always had this awkward sound which screamed "I don't belong here!" On Piano, it just gets caught up in the nice sounding Bb major, or F major keys. And if the finger accidently hits it, the F Sharp just sounds all wonky and uncalled for, thus screwing up an entire song, and causing an over-all annoyance to all listeners.

See what I mean? It's just a terrible note. It sounds awful. All I want to do is have it diminished into an F.  Especially on the last note. I just want it to be a good sounding note.

Word of the Day: Soup

Quote of the Day: "I'm always waiting on Dorm 17!" Amanda, quoting God.

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