Apr 19, 2009

Too Much Coffee

This past week has been fun. I have spent some time in the library studying, and chatting with others who are madly trying to pass exams. I have consumed much sugar and much caffiene.

Friday night I was studying for histroy with my roommate, writing down the world's past century by century. I'd had a lot of coffee that afternoon and a bunch of white chocolate macedamian nut cookies (it helps to make friends with the cafeteria workers), so my energy levels were pretty high. I was doing well, until we got the French Revolution and one of the questions to answer was worded like this.

"In 1793, Louis XIV lost his ________."

That was the point of no return. Feel free to fill in the blank to your own thoughts. The correct answer is head, but clearly that is not what entered our minds. The next 4 hours were like this.

Thank you to the muppets for accurately portraying my evening.


Deborah said...

Gotta love the Muppets! And white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and coffee for that matter!
Oh, and a sense of humour :0)!

joyce said...

Beaker has got to be my favorite!!