Apr 13, 2009

Tell the World

With a close to the Easter season, I am forced to study for my religion course. It's interesting how the content I am studying pertains to witnessing the good news of the Risen Savior to a culture that believes God is dead. We live in a story of Confessional Humanism, caught in the middle of the truth that I AM has already put his redeeming plan into action.

Confessional Humanism 101.

If God is dead, we must replace him as Creator.
If God is dead, we must replace him as Ruler of history.
If God is dead, we must replace him as Savior and Redeemer.

And what do we come up with? Science. The Industrial Revolution. We come up with a consumerist story of the world where religion is only relevant to the individual. What happened to a church that was part of every aspect of society? This is why Christians today are stuck in a rut. Christ has been minimized to our personal Savior. He is no longer the author of history, the ruler of all creation, and the redeemer his fallen people. No, he gets to live in our hearts. But not our cities, not our governments and most definitely not our churches.

Instead, Christians today have to ask themselves. 'Do I believe the Gospel truth that the Bible says- that God is ruler of all creation, and has already won history, and his rule is over ALL things?' or 'Do I believe that Christ is my personal Savior, allowed to come out only on Sundays, but maybe not even then, because he is just relative anyways?'

Alright, so I'm a little irritated. But let's think about this. The North American church is shrinking, not growing. We sit in a comfortable society, where we can have all that we could ever want and need, and as long as our faith is kept in its own box, we can avoid the persecution. No one wants to suffer for their beliefs. Guess what, God says its manditory. You must first die to yourself and to this world, before you can live for him. Take up your cross...

On Good Friday, God sent his only son to the cross to die not only for your sins, but to redeem every part of creation. On Easter, Christ rose from the dead and claimed victory over death itself. And now, we live in a time where God has called us to be witnesses. Soon, Pentecost will be upon us, when God poured out his Spirit so that the whole world may know the good news that the Kingdom is not coming, it is HERE!

(besides the point that Hillsong standing up there is very hypocritical and that the show is what its about, in this Easter season, the lyrics are appropriate.)

I know it's confusing, but we truly live at a crossroads between a perverted society and the supreme truth of Christ. Go ahead, tell the world.

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