Apr 21, 2009


Ode to Bed.

I will miss this mattress.

Ode to Redeemer.

Where do I start?

I feel as though this year has been the culmination of so very many things for me. I've made so many incredible friends. I have learned how to live with myself, and with other people. I have delved into a world of academia that I never thought could be this wonderful. Redeemer is amazing.

Ode to God.

Really, this should have been first. I'm not in the practise of editting blog entries.

God is good. God is strong. God is mighty. There is nothing my God cannot do.

My Redeemer journey first started at SDCI, sitting in the cafeteria, wondering where on earth I was going to University. I remember mulling over taking SATs to potentially get into Calvin, and then knowing I would fail them miserably because of my inability to do math or science. Consequently, I had to look at Canadian schools. It worked out. I don't remember why exactly it was Redeemer. I think I got talked into coming to one of the campus visit days and ended up loving the school. And I mean LOVING the school. God stuck this certainty in me that this was where I was supposed to be.

And then summer happened. Now let's remember that I went to public school, and graduated high school already a year previous. I figured, whatever, going to school, it was on my list. Redeemer had never been my first choice. Nope, that was Western, or Queens. But here I am, a year finished. I've had my stupid awkward moments. I have wanted to curl up into a ball and wish it would end. I have wanted certain moments to last forever. But God has been showing me the awesome plans he has in store for me.

The FYF verse still stands. Jeremiah 29:11.

I can't begin to count all the things God has taught me. I cannot begin to name all the different ways God has blessed me. I cannot even understand all the ways God challenged me.

Tonight was a night of goodbyes. Tonight is my last night in my new home. Tonight I've teared up a bunch, and smiled a bunch. Tonight I took down all my photos, posters and artwork. Tonight I started to prepare myself for readjusting back into life. Tonight I ask God to make me strong, and to perfect his power in my weakness. Tonight I pray that my friendships will last, that my energy will stand, that my patience will be tried, tested and bruised, and that I will be shaken this summer.

Ode to sunshine...
...for making an appearance.

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