Apr 18, 2009

Booth Buddying

Yes, it has been a while since I've written an entry.

This week for me has been insane! I am in the midst of exams, which means that I have spent likely a total of 2 complete days in the library. There is something entertaining about trying to get work done in the library. Everyone there has the same sort of unhappy disposition floating from them, that is the complete loathing of the fact they are inside studying for the exam in the class they hate anyways but need to pass, because let's face it- good grades is money in the pocket. However, in our misery, sitting in the independent stalls they call 'study booths' we happen to make friends. Particularly, I've noticed that the same people always sit in the same places. As the week progresses, we get to know each other, and what everyone is studying for. It is the phenomenon I like to call Booth Buddying.

On a different note, I have finished four of my five exams and am currently seated at my booth by the poetry section of the library. It has a certain appeal to it, as it is close enough to the window that I get to see the sunshine and be a tad jealous, and yet still quite sufficiently placed near the books so that I can stay on track. Eastern Europe, here I come!

I had a meeting with the Editor in Chief for next years Crown (student publication) and I am quite thrilled to be working on the team with him next year. I'll be in charge of the Layout, so basically double checking everything, making sure advertisements and pictures and articles get in, look good and are all around awesome! I am so excited for next year. I have finally found my outlet at this school!

The good news of all this madness is that summer is finally in sight. Moving home in T minus 4 days.

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Deborah said...

Congratulations on getting on the Crown staff!! Layout sounds like it would be very interesting!

Hope your last exam goes well! And happy freedom -- from studying anyway :0)!!

P.S. Peach discovered a wart on her thumb. Guess what she is wearing on it! Yep!! Good ole duct tape!