Apr 14, 2009


Supper conversation today was more of comic relief from the pressures of studying over anything else.

We were making fun of one of the girls in my dorm for playing Euchre, calling a lone hand and getting no tricks. Embarassing, right?

Well, she was trying to add some dignity to herself and re-stated that she was a 'good euchrist'. This statement is fair, except that what she had meant and what the sentence meant where two different things. The Euchrist is Catholic Mass.

Perhaps you had to be there to think it was funny. But my favourite part was that she didn't know why we were all laughing at her. Oh, I will miss my dormmates.

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Anonymous said...

(Mass is "eucharist", with the 'a', and it's not necessarily Catholic, a lot of Anglicans also call communion the eucharist.)

I can imagine the hilarity, though!