Oct 24, 2008

Why Won't The Mosquitoes Die?

I wondered today, as I thought about all my dear dormmates, whether the dorm mosquitoes had died. You see, we got really quite good at keeping our door closed these past two weeks. There were a few really cold days. We had figured the mosquitoes outside had pretty much died. Apparently not.

I remember thinking to myself this week, 'why are there so many mosquitoes here again?' I blame it on the open door and the warm weather. Not that the warm weather is bad (although, this nice Autumn weather will be paralleled with some mean Winter storms), I just don't like the mosquitoes so much. It became particularily evident to me when I woke up with 2 bites on my foot Wednesday morning.

Apparently I had slept with a foot outside the covers. Apparently the mosquitoes in the dorm aren't quite as lethargic as we had all thought. I think, that on Sunday night when I return, I am taking a wad of newspaper and going on a mosquito massacre. I will not be bitten again! (not to mention the bites are pretty itchy..)

From now on, the door stays closed.

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