Oct 27, 2008


So, long story short, my dorm got pranked over reading break.

What happened was, sometime ago, my keys got stolen. I figured they were gone for good. Turns out, the guys who pranked our dorm left the keys. Therefore I do not need to buy new ones, which is a positive aspect to this prank.

However, what you will see as you scroll down are photos of us bringing our furnature back upstairs. The guys thought it would be really funny to take apart our table and couches and bring every peice of furnature down to the basement. Props for them, I must admit. It was a clever prank.

The fun part was trying to bring everything back up again. This proved more difficult. Not only are these 'birth control couches' much heavier than we thought, but there's a narrow stairway, and gravity is working against you. I thought I would put my muscles to good use and take pictures.

As it turns out, our livingroom set up is better. Not to mention the prankers took down some boxes we were just too lazy to bring down ourselves. Plus, we think they vaccuumed the floor too. All in all, it was an interesting end to the reading weekend.

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Sherilyn -The Dominee Huisvrouw said...

Nope, no trick or treating for him! He's too young to understand & I think he'll have fun handing out the candies (I am my mother's daughter!, for this year anyway!