Oct 14, 2008

Hippos on my Kleenex Box

Conveniently, they aren't even Kleenex brand tissues. They are Scotties.

One thing I will not discuss here is my view on the election. I voted. That's all you need to know.

Come to think of it, I don't know if I have anything noteworthy to put in this here blog. It's one of those days where everything that could have to say has been said before. Celebrate the mundanity. Funny thing is, as hard as I might wish it to be, 'leading lives of quiet desperation', life is not mundane. It's so much to do with outlook.

Seeing the trees change colour into hues of beautiful reds and oranges and yellows, watching the sun soak into the horizon, like its being consumed by a kitchen sponge. The geese fly south for the winter, the pumpkins and corn stalks to decorate doorsteps. Even better, the old cliche of the 'cornecopia' (horn of plenty) rests deep in our hearts. In all this mundanity, we are tried through and through; Give thanks.

With a close to the Thanksgiving weekend, suppose you ponder all that you are really thankful for. Is it your family and friends? Is it that you have enough to eat? Is it that you have a freedom of speech unique to this side of the world? Perhaps you are thankful that the world has hung on another day. Perhaps you are thankful for your house, your car, your computer. It's okay, don't be ashamed of being thankful for those material things. They, too, are gifts from God.

Time now to reintigrate that Hippo on my Kleenex box. Thought I forgot about him? Yeah, I almost did. But let's try something here.

I am thankful for the Hippo on my Kleenex box.

The Hippo on the Kleenex box means that I am sitting at my desk at University. A Christian University. It means I had the money to buy that box of Kleenex (Scotties...technicals..). It means I am surrounded by all these other great things that God has given me. That Kleenex box holds Kleenex, which I use when I am sick. I use when I write, when I draw, and sometimes, when I cry. That Hippo on the Kleenex Box reminds me of all the things I should be thankful for. God has blessed me with many things. Both gifts of personality, and reminders of love, food, family, friendships and so much more.

So when you consider what it is you are thankful for, hopefully you can find a Hippo on your Kleenex box to help the process. And even though we have one day of the year designated for giving thanks, it should not stop there. Each day this week, thank the LORD for something. Each day, you will find yourself more blessed.

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