Oct 19, 2008

Redeemer Market Sucks

Don't worry, I haven't been shopping on Sunday.

I'm sitting here, having a conversation with two of my friends and we are talking about the appreciation for food we have all discovered. And not just food, but fruit! Like, actually, when you are at home, you hate fruit, not because it's gross, but because people make you eat it.

When you are gone to school, not only is the selection of fruit depleated, but you actually feel like you need to eat it. You really do learn to appreciate healthy food. Like apples.

Have you ever seen Into The Wild, where he eats the apple, and tells the apple how he loves it. Well, that's how I feel about apples today. I had the best apple in the world today. There wasn't anything special about it. The apple was red and green like most apples are. It had a core, and a small bruise. But this was the best apple in the world.

I would have talked to it too, but apparently that is weird. And I don't want to be weird (in public..)


Sherilyn -The Dominee Huisvrouw said...

I think you've already covered being weird in public. Nothing more to worry about there!

Deborah said...

Do they still sell hotdogs by the bagful? Yuck! Those things were gross. I can't believe how many of them I ate back in the day. Perish the thought!!