Oct 23, 2008

The Colours of Fall

For a season where the earth prepares to go dormant, it sure is beautiful. I am in my hometown this weekend as Redeemer is on a Reading Break. This afternoon, I hopped on my bike, took some books and went on a trip to the library. I had forgotten how vibrant the town is in the fall seasons. The trees were all changing into gorgeous hues of red and yellow and orange. The streets were covered in fallen leaves, and the air was crisp.

I couldn't resist taking some photos of the colours in my own backyard.

Perhaps it wasn't that I had forgotten how beautiful my town was in the Fall, I had never really noticed. Something about this town will always be home. It's quaintness, old uptown buildings and the simple picturesque life authors like Margaret Atwood write about. The colours of Autumn is something that needs to be appreciated. It is the earth's last attempt at summer colours before the snow falls and wipes everything clean and white.
These are colours that only God could have fashioned. So I challenge you, dear readers, take a walk through your town, snap some photos of the changing season. Appreciate the beauty created by the Maker's hand. And then, say a small prayer of thanksgiving.

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