Jun 25, 2010

The RA Extravaganza

Amanda and I sent out the letters to our girls this week. We worked really hard to make everything right, and then we each picked a photo and I put them into a collage to send along with the package. Amanda mailed them out today, and voila! our girls will get the letters they have been waiting for since they first applied.

I remember those days. I remember waiting in the summer for the day when my RA letter came. I was so excited to find out who the girls in my dorm were, and what dorm I would be living in, and who my RAs would be (probably in that order..) I still have my letter from my RAs.

It's a little nerve-racking too. I mean, parents are trusting US with THEIR daughters for EIGHT MONTHS! Its crazy to think that just two years ago, I was one of those first years. And my parents were the ones trusting Steph and Lorie. I was trusting Steph and Lorie.

I know God will look after us this year. I know that Amanda and I will be tried, and tested, and probably have days when we just don't want to do it anymore. But I also firmly believe that God is blessing the dorm, and He will bless it. He is in the business, after all.

MCC: 25

Word of the Day: Pizza

Quote of the Day: "You know, having your shoes off is very un-hygienic." Random lady at the school, talking to me, after she noticed that I didn't have my shoes on.

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Anonymous said...

having your shoes off is liberating and a terrific way to celebrate the summertime.