Jun 17, 2010

The Post Office Strike Back

It's kind of like the Empire. Except it manipulates you with letters.

I wonder if it is some sort of game to the Post Office, refusing to allow you to forward an address and then sending you spiteful reminders of the fact that the package is still sitting in their office.

If they start with-holding my own mail, I will be angered. Very angered.

On the bright side, I recieved the list of girls who will be in my dorm in the fall. I cannot WAIT to RA!

MCC: 16

Word of the Day: Creep

Quote of the Day: "I usually forget to make my bed." The answer to 'other information that might be helpful when placing you in a residence' on one of the girl's housing application. It made me smile.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're going to have to crack the whip for that one girl! no messy beds allowed in YOUR dorm! :P