Jun 10, 2010

The difference between the laws of science and the laws of mail

So, here's another reason why I detest science.

Actually, it's more on account of dumb laws (not scientific laws here, just common postal laws).

Upon moving into Olivia Place, one of the guys who had lived here previously told me that he was expecting a textbook to come in the mail. He needed it to be mailed to Au Sauble, Michigan (he is taking a course in Au Sauble that has something to do with his biology major at Redeemer..). He asked me to make sure it got mailed. Easy enough, right?

Yeah, right.

So, this afternoon I took a trip to the postal office (it got mailed to the one in the Shopper's Drug Mart which is like 20 minutes away by foot...as opposed to the post office that is just down the road from my house which is 5 minutes away by foot). And when I got there, I found out that I couldn't simply forward the package on. No, first she wanted to see photo ID. Great, except that my passport had the address of my Strathroy house on it. Then she wanted proof that I'm renting the house. Kait's parents own this house, and they haven't actually given us a rental agreement yet. Besides, who carries their rental papers with them in their purse. Really, mail lady? (haha..mail lady.. that's funny). Then she wanted written consent from the guy whose name was on the package enabling me to pick it up. Okay, that I get, except that I just wanted to forward the package on.

So, what did I do? I argued with her.

I explained to her that I had no interest in the textbook whatsoever, and it didn't really matter to me whether it sat in her post-office all summer or not, but I would like to see my friend graduate, and in order to do that, he needed this textbook (which, by the way, should have been in a week and a half ago. Amazon's mailing got behind orders). I explained that I didn't even want to open the package (thereby obeying the law that I cannot open mail addressed to someone else), I just wanted to forward it on. I explained that my major is English and so clearly I have no interest in the biology textbook. I explained that I don't even like science. I explained that if she let me mail this, she would be my favourite postal worker in the world. And then, I gave her a big smile and fluttered by eyelashes just a little bit.

She thought a minute, and then said to me, "Mam," (she called me Mam!) "I believe you, I really do, but the laws of science are different from the laws of the post office. You need written consent from this guy."

And so, I hung my head in defeat. I handed her the other two letters which were addressed and stamped and needed to mailed away, and then I turned around and walked out.

Funnier part is, I have no idea how to get a hold of this guy. He is living in a cabin in the middle of the woods for the summer (eco-biologists *rolls eyes*). He has no phone reception, and contacting him by email is hit or miss. So, here I sit, trying to figure out what to do about this stupid textbook.

I hate science.

MCC: 13

Word of the Day: Consent

Quote of the Day: "The laws of science are different from the laws of the post office." Mail lady


joyce said...

Not your problem....he will eventually contact you when he realizes he has not received the textbook. I would loved to have been there though, to listen to you argue your case, Mam!!!
Oh, and never mail a package or parcel through Shoppers Drug Mart. Envelopes are ok. Apparently they are not associated with Canada Post, and can charge whatever they want to mail parcels, usually more than what you would pay at an actual Canada Post Office.
Just some 'good to know' information.

stampinganja said...

You made me smile!!
It's not funny at all, but I agree with your Mom, he will contact you. Would you like me to send you a card to show to the lady telling her that she has to do it, LOL!
I will even put enough postage on it!
Thanks for the laugh, you know, I had a root canal today, so I need all the sympathy I can get. Take care, Anja