Jun 1, 2010

A little change in Marineland

Well, readers, it is that time again. Yesterday marked the first Marineland commercial. However, this summer, there is going to be a little bit of a twist in the matter.

Since I lack a television, my Marineland Commercial Count has been restricted - to radio. Now, surprisingly, this has promise. Living in the GTA, they are played on all the radio stations. My housemate heard at least 3 radio commercials yesterday. I feel as though this will be a good way to keep the tradition going... after all, they still play the song.

And so,

Marineland Commercial Count (MCC): 1

Word of the Day: Move

Quote of the Day: "Plastic little spastic!" Amanda Bynes (Hairspray)

ps. Housemate and I move out of the Blue Castle today. Dad comes to help us this evening. Drink up to a mouse-less house.