Jun 7, 2010

I am a tech guru

This evening I decided to try and hook the internet and landline back up.

We had the internet for a few days, but then the owners of the house (aka Kait's parents) came through on Saturday and did a major clean-up of the house. They ripped up the carpet in the living room, finished the job Kait and I did on the kitchen, and scrubbed every other inch of this house.

In the course of the living room excavation, the internet became unplugged again. Previously, one of the guys who had lived here before us hooked everything up for Kait and I, but then he went and moved to the USA for 2 months, so we were a little stuck. For the past 3ish days, I have been *stealing* (borrowing...tomato, potato) internet from some unsuspecting neighbours. However, I only get that signal in one place in the house, and it is incredibly weak, so hooking up the ethernet box seemed like a good idea.

Then I realized that I should probably follow through with this idea. I'm not exactly the most technologically apt person out there, so I was pretty excited when I sat down with about 6 different cables, and outlets and boxes. Oh goodness.

After plugging and unplugging things several times, I realized that I was going about this the wrong way. The key is not to try and see which wires fit in which hole. No, that's only a small part. The key is to plug these wires in, and see which ones make the boxes light up. When I figured this out, it took me about 5 minutes to get everything plugged in. Whether or not I am actually using the right wires for the right boxes is beyond me. But the phone and internet are both working. It's a happy day.

MCC: 11

Word of the Day: Lazy

Quote of the Day: "We have carpet!"

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