Jul 2, 2010


Last night I went to the fireworks for the first time since I began my days at the BK Lounge. I think that one of the only benefits of this job is that I have evenings to enjoy.

I forgot how exciting fireworks are. The lines, the busy traffic circles, the people, the cheap hot dogs (which I didn't eat), and the getting out after the pretty colours have burnt out in the sky.

The whole night was just awesome! We went with the girls from work (and by we, I mean Kait and myself), to the Hamilton Bayfront. I have never been there before, which is kind of sad considering I have lived in Hamilton (Ancaster) for two years now. We left at like 7oclock, which is a ridiculous for 10pm fireworks, but the whole parking thing was a foreseen issue, and so leaving early had to happen. We got to the Bayfront at 7:30 and after a debate about ladies rooms (ie. port-a-potties) and positioning of fireworks versus lawnchairs and syncronized music and men on stilts, we settled for a spot with a perfect view of all possible firework launching areas. And then we waited.

We waited.

We waited.

We waited a little bit more.

At about 8 oclock I found out that my friend was working one of the Ice Cream trucks in the Bay. And by one of the Ice Cream trucks, I mean one out of about 5 trucks spread out over a park which could easily rival Central Park in NYC. But, the benefit of walking all over a crowded Bayfront trying to find the Ice Cream truck with the Ice Cream man I actually know is that I get a bigger Ice Cream cone.

And then we waited some more.

Then, we just about lost Heather. We all assumed that the cute, fictional, Australian had whisked her away with his accent. Eventually she was found though, and the truth was that the line for the ice cream was really long.

Sometime, after waiting some more, taking photos with our heads together on a blanket, and tackling Kaitlin out of a chair, the sky got dark and the national anthem played.

And then, the most amazing fireworks show I've seen since Disney World. It could rival Epcot Centre.

The show lasted 15 minutes. 15 glorious minutes. The sky lit up in colours and more colours and explosions that would put the German Blitz on Europe to shame.

And when the sky became dark and the masses awoke from their patriotic dream, the fight to exit the park began. There were people, and headlights, and one peculiar little white boy (okay, he wasn't little, he was a skinny little 16 year old dressed in rags -aka 'gangsta' clothing) rapping to someting black. Picture a skinny little white kid rapping to goodness knows what. After the amusement of that wore off, and several other members of the mob agreed with my speculations about the rap music, we found the car.

And waited to get out..

And waited.

And flashed our lights at some men peeing in the bushes (they were turned around, and we would have covered our eyes if they weren't).

Finally we left, and returned home.

Happy Birthday Canada!

MCC: unchanging, and sadly so.

Word of the Day: huskey

Quote of the Day: "We nicky nicky nine doored a VP meeting!" Jessica Marshall

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