Sep 4, 2009

Thoughts on Getting Keys

It's been a long couple of days. Here I sit, in the Crown office, wondering how I am ever going to figure out the depths of Adobe InDesign, which has to be about the most confusing program ever imaginable.

Let me tell you the story of how I came to be sitting in this office.

Once upon a time, there was a school named Redeemer University College and it needed a new layout editor for the school year. I applied, I got in, I thought to myself 'Yay!'
When I returned to the school in the fall to take on my wonderful job, I found that I needed a key. I thought to myself, well, if one needs keys, they go to the security office and that is exactly what I did. The security office informed me that I must go to the main office and pick the key up there, but, not to go anymore that day, as it was only open until 4:30. So, I went the following day to the main office, and the main office told me they didn't deal with the keys and to go back to security. This appeared to be a problem. I thought for a moment, and spoke to the Senate president who suggested I speak to Dean Schat. 'Great Idea!' I said, and proceeded to find Dean Schat. Dean Schat was not at the school. The following day (count it, third day back at Redeemer), I went to talk to Dean Schat, and he informed me I needed to get a form from the Main office which he would sign and I would get my key. This was incredibly irritating. Back I trode to the main office, demanded a form, recieved the form, and then went back to Dean Schat. Thankfully, he signed the form, and the main office (who. misleadingly had the keys the whole time) gave me my key to the Crown office.

Now I sit here, pondering layouts. I can't decide really how I want things to look, and I have various spreads and archived papers all around me. I think that I am going to go back to my Macintosh and set up a nice layout there.

Until then, I shall just be grateful that I have the keys which I desire and need.

On another note, Marineland commercial count ended two days ago. The final count was 99.

To replace the Marineland commercial count, I have decided I am going to own one of my fellow campus 'advisors' at Uno. The score shall be tallied.

Word of the Day: Irritating, Legit

Quote of the Day: (while playing Uno) Peter: I am going to screw you royally! Me: That's what she said!

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