Sep 18, 2009

Midnight Crown

For the first time in a week, I have had time to sit down and blog. Needless to say it has been a very busy week.

I don't think I knew what I was doing when I signed up to be an H.A. and the layout editor for the Crown (not to mention English Honours major; religion, history minors). I have been busy. The last two days I have been operating on about 7 hours of sleep total. Wednesday night I was in the Crown office with some of the other staff working on the layout. Sounds harmless, right? Not when the layout is not completed until 5:30 am, I have class in the morning, and I get about 2 hours of sleep. I have never been so thankful for coffee.

The problem with being in the Crown office all night is that there is no homework or reading being done. So I was scrambling all day Thursday to keep my head above the ocean of books and essays I have already found myself in. Somewhere in all that, I have to find time to be a decent House Advisor. I'm feeling terrible, because I haven't been around very much. I hope my dormmates don't think I am a bad H.A. because this week has been absolutely nuts.

So, the Crown is getting a new computer (who knew Adobe InDesign wouldn't work properly with Windows' 98..), perhaps an iMac. I am behind in my reading (it's week two..) and sleep has become a luxury I don't get.

On another note, for those of you who are as addicted to Facebook as I am, I thought you might enjoy this.

Word of the Day: Fork

Quote of the Day: 'They can go out in the field and fork each other!' Greg Beenen


stampinganja said...

Hello Brittaney,
Wow, you are very busy!! Just one small step at a time, remember? Do I sound like your mother now?
Just don't tell her.
One day all of us should stamp together, wouldn't that be fun?
Take care of yourself, Anja

Quilting with Jannette said...

No sleep, papers due, and classes to get to - ah, I remember the good old days!
I imagine your roommates will find you if they need your HA skills...
Get some sleep soon! (I can't help it - I'm a mom too!)