Sep 21, 2009

Of Rice and Wedding Dresses

A break.

Finally, I have caught up on vast amounts of sleep, and have revived myself with much caffiene. I am sitting in the cafeteria, looking over my biology lab (which I have in an hour). I remember how much I hated science.

To put it into perspective.

Today, we are watching rice cook.

Epic, isn't it?

I'm paying like 1 500 for a class that teaches me that rice expands? Really? Does that seem like a waste of money to you? Because it does to me.

The lab is based on a commentary from The Simpsons between Lisa and Marge, where they are getting ready to go to a wedding and Marge is bringing rice. Lisa informs Marge that is a bad idea, because rice attracts birds, and then the birds die because rice expands in their stomach.

So, the purpose of the lab is to see if all types of rice expand, or if only some expand, and how big they get. And then, to come up with a solution to the rice at weddings issue.

Here's a solution....don't throw rice!

Think about it (with my own little scientific evidence).

Take into account thrown rice, attracting birds, and then add in the variable of current strapless style wedding dresses. Normally, I'd probably come up with some sort bird attacking bride theory, but I think this is worthwhile. So, rice is being thrown by thrilled wedding guests, rice is getting caught in bride's veil and perhaps landing in the dress. Bride goes to reception, Bride dances and sweats. Bride forgets rice is there until it starts expanding via body heat and sweat.

I feel that should be the reason that rice is banned at weddings, and not for the well being of the birds.

Word of the Day: Plethora

Quote of the Day: "The food comes out and we all turn primative." Austin Meidema

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Maria said...

Are we supposed to simply blow bubbles, then?