Sep 24, 2009

Persuasion. Conversation.

I have some photos to put up here.

And not much to say, except that I tallied. I have like 12 essays to write this semester. I'm NOT thrilled.

And I get to take a sweet graphic design course because the Crown is paying for it. Tuesday night, we cutted apart magazines and made a collage based on colour schemes and layouts. I really enjoyed this.

Monday was a trip to Michaels for a fun paper and stamp sale with Lorie. Lots of stuff. More cards. Happiness.

On Jane Austen: for some reason she cannot just refer to daily conversation as daily conversation, no, it has to be referred to as 'daily intercourse'. This happens multiple times over the course of a five page chapter, and results in my childish giggling. Yep, Mom, you should be proud.

Word of the Day: persuade

Quote of the Day: "Do you swoon over Devon?" Jordan Holmes

1 comment:

joyce said...

You should stop complaining about the 12 essays and just start writing them....but complaining is so much easier, especially when you'd rather be doing something else. I hear ya!!
Oh, and yes, I'm proud.....oh so proud! lol