Jun 2, 2009


Turns out Joel had a birthday and he didn't bother to tell anyone. So, Joel, this is for you. Happy Birthday!

This morning I had to work the 6am shift at Burger King. It was a back shift, so I got to make all the yummy homestyle breakfasts and do all the prep work for the day. There's a lot that goes into a day at a fast food restaurant. So many temperatures to be taken, tomatoes to be cut, lettuce to be panned, onions to cry over, dishes to do, prep work to be done, buns to stock...the list goes on and on. I love the job though. Who would have ever thought working in fast food could be fun? Honestly, I think it is because I get to work with people all the time that it is just so much fun.

I'm really beginning to miss being at school. I love my job, but I do miss the academics and the social aspect. I miss my friends. It is weird being home where my groups of friends don't mix for very obvious lifestyle choice and distance reasons. But enough of that. Fall will come soon enough, until then, I should continue making money so that I can go back to Redeemer in the fall!

MCC: 10

Word of the Day: Mullet

Quote of the Day: "Mom, the hockey players can't hear you yell at them!"

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