May 31, 2009

The Way Things Work

Cute Story:

This morning in church I noticed that the second youngest child of the Pastor and his wife was now old enough to be in church. He was very excited, and dressed in the same cute blue polo as his older brothers. It was adorable. Anyways, when the pastor went up after the praise team had opened with a few songs, I heard the little boy say quite loudly to his mom, "Look! It's Daddy!" Surrounding congregation members smiled.

A little excitement in my own life?
Finally made management at the BK Lounge! Yay for a new uniform!

MCC: still 8- the 11 oclock news is disappointing me

Word of the Day: Myrtle Beach

Quote of the Day: "Look! It's Daddy!"

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sugarnuggets said...

Cutest blog ever!!