Jun 25, 2009

And the Third King is?

Yeah, okay, we get it. Michael Jackson died. So what? It is not like he was going to release any new songs, dance any new dances or dangle any new babies from Hotel windows... I mean...

So that makes two. The king of Rock and Roll, Mr Elvis 'Thank you very much' Presley died. The King of 'Pop' Mr Michael 'My skin changed colour because I have a disease' Jackson died. It makes me wonder who the third king is. Is there a king of say...rap and/or hip hop? Would that mean that Eminem or (*coughs*) Kanye West have an early death coming their way too? Do you sense my cynicism? And are we going to start an entire elite of the already elite? You know, A king of Rock and Roll, and his queen. But what about the King of Daytime TV, or the Reality TV show King, and his royal subjects. And who would be named the King of Rap (Will Smith and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has a nomination here!)

The entertainment world has seen too many deaths for one week. But it isn't our fault Hollywood's golden era is getting old (and by golden era, I don't count John and Kate plus Eight, or those two from the Hills on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'...that's just bad television). Hollywood said goodbye to Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon.

Now, yes, get mad at me for bashing Michael Jackson. I don't care if he was acquitted from his charges of molesting a 13 year old boy. It went to the courts. So something that he did wasn't right and honourable. The colour of his skin changed because of a disease he had? And why was he dangling his infant child out a hotel window? Michael Jackson, you gave us music that will always be remembered. However, this is one of those times I really wish that Jay Leno was still hosting the Tonight Show. Move over Dick Chaney, Sarah Palen, George 'doubleyah' Bush...because late night TV will enjoy this.

Now, from the King...

MCC: 30

Word of the Day: Artistically

Quote of the Day: "That was Cheryl. She was calling to let us all know that Michael Jackson died." (Brenda, one of the BK Lounge Managers)

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