Jun 15, 2009

The Weekend in Retrospect

What a wonderful weekend it was. It seems like forever ago that I woke up at 5am on Saturday to work for 6am. The shift was short and left much time to embrace all the wonderful sunshine that happened this weekend. How I wish I had soaked up so much more of it!

I had taken some photos of the blooming garden. Gorgeous flowers, and I must say that the garden looks much better this year than previously. There are still some Corabells I would like to snap some photos of.My photo skills are still something to be worked on, though I enjoy the scenery.

My sister and I took a trip to the mall on Saturday evening and definitely made the most of the sales going on. Fun summer shorts and a dress and aviator sunglasses later, we found ourselves back home rather pooped and quite pleased with the purchases.

Sunday was wonderful also. Church in the morning brought me back to my childhood. My mom and I decided we wanted to check out the intern the other CRC church in town. The intern happens to be a young lady who was a small group leader at a program I attended a few years back at Calvin Theological Seminary. It was wonderful to see an old friend, and to chat for about an hour following the service. The afternoon was mother-daughter time. Mom and I took a trip to the USA to return some jeans she had gotten. We got a little sidetracked at the Christian Bookstore and I ended up purchasing a new Bible (my old one has seen better days, and the devotions in it are aimed at 12 year olds. I am definitely grown out of those..) The Bible excited me...all leather bound and red lettering where Jesus speaks. The whole afternoon was sunny and bright and going over the bridge in Sarnia was absolutely beautiful. The water was a rich teal colour that reminded me of the ocean off Cancun.

Today was spent uptown (or downtown...I'm not sure which) with my friend Stephanie. She had recently returned from France on an exchange program through Redeemer, and I was quite pleased to see her. We went out for lunch at a small cafe in town, and then spent the afternoon at the park, swinging, walking, soaking in the sun, and taking some goofy photos (which I hope to put up here soon).

I hope, dear readers, that God blessed you with wonderful weekends as well. I hope that you were able to soak up some sunshine and live joyfully.

MCC: 15

Word of the Day: French Novel

Quote of the Day: "That's just trashy, and I am NOT from a trailer park!" Stephanie on fashion faux pas.

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Lynette said...

I enjoyed the sunshine, too, this weekend!
Tip: for close-up pictures of flowers, use the macro setting on your camera! :)