Jun 29, 2009

Michael Buble and Mom

My mom and I spent most of Sunday and Monday making cards. By the dozens. It was great, we sat, we blared Michael Buble CDs and we laughed- a lot. Dad made us supper, hamburgers, because we were both too busy to get up and refuel. Here are some of the cards I made.

Simple Happy Birthday- lots of blue.

That one is sideways. The stamp says "I thank God for you." and the brad says 'Hope".

Wedding card for a friend who is getting married in a few weeks. Card itself from Dollarama- the purple bases came in packages. 6 card bases for a buck. Good deal!

This one ended up sideways too. But the stamp says "Bug me anytime". I tried to go for a picnic type look.

And the 'Happy' elephant. Good to send to a guy on a birthday or just because.

MCC: 36

Word of the Day: Blech

Quote of the Day: "Michael Buble is upstairs in the bathroom. He's being saved for later use." Mom (only afterwards did I realize she had said he was in the bathroom closet...which I am not sure makes it sound any less funny.)


Deborah said...

Great cards!!

Anonymous said...

"Michael Buble is upstairs…being saved for later use" LOL um…sketchy!!

joyce said...

Really great cards Britt. Wanna do it again soon?...I had a fun day with you. Oh, I checked, Michael needs food and water!!