Mar 18, 2009

Major Major Major Major

In the wake (and undergoing) of Essay season, a few things come to mind.

Homework sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I love school. I love learning. I hate sitting down and working on something for hours and hours. I like the finished result. I like the feeling of that sigh of relief that comes when an essay is finished, entirely.

I have decided to change my area of study. So now, instead of doing an English Major, History and Youth Ministry Minors, I have made the switch to English and History double majors and a minor in Youth Ministry. This means, for the next 3 years of University, I will be overloading on courses to the point of maxing out.

Which means, I can hopefully develop more of a loving relationship with homework.

But we'll see.

Also: Can you tell me what book my blog's 'title' came from?


Deborah said...

Wow! You go girl! You'll do great, despite not loving homework all that much.

Maria said...

Major Barbara? It's the first thing I thought of.