Mar 2, 2009

A Brand New Friend

So, I always go to one of the dorms on campus- Aug's 103 in case you're wondering. This dorm has some of my favouritest boys ever in it. For their own privacy, I won't disclose names.

There is one guy in that dorm that I could never really get along with. I would come over and spend time with 4 out of 5 of them, and the HA (house advisor) would be the one to give me a blank look and then leave the dorm for a few hours. He even asked me once, 'WHY ARE YOU HERE?' Really, that made me feel good about myself.

The thing was, up until last night, I'd had no desire at all to get to know this guy. Then, for some reason, I was just ridiculously bored. No one was home in my dorm (or at least, no one wanting to be social) and so I sent the 103 boys a message, wondering if anyone was home.

Suffice to say, 10 minutes later, I made my way across campus in the cold. When I got there, I threw on a pot of coffee and HA and I bonded over the coffee (really strong coffee) and a bag of chocolate chips. I think we were both amused by the randomness of each other, and the funny idiosyncrazies that comes with differing personalities. For instance, when I meet people for the first time, my brain goes crazy. I talk fast and about everything. It is generally entertaining. HA was more relaxed, but a bit obsessive compulsive. So I would be talking and bouncing around on the bed (a result of coffee and chocolate..clearly) and he would kind of glare at me because the bouncing bugged him.

Anyways, I feel pretty excited, because now, when I go to 103, I get to visit ALL of the boys.

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Anonymous said...

It's times like these that I wish I lived on campus, 'cause I never get to do that…