Mar 27, 2009


Earlier this week, my friend and I had a conversation about all the wonderful things there was about being a kid. I was drawn back to my past, and all the times I played with Barbie, Kelly, Ken, get the idea.

I thought I would share with you some of the old dolls that my sister and I had. The good news is that I plan to save as many of them as possible, so that my own children can experience the joy of make believe...

(Potty Training Kelly was my sister's. However, if you watch the end, where it show's all of Kelly's friends..the little girl with the black hair and the raincoat...I owned her.)

This is one that we picked up at a Garage sale and gave to our younger cousin for her birthday. It was her first Barbie doll.

Background on the next video. This is the Barbie my mom had. She gave it to my sister and I when we started playing with Barbies. I would like to say, the only reason I recognized it was because of the ugly blue jumpsuit.

She dealt with a lot of unfortunate happenings in her life. Her fingers got bitten off, marker was smeared all over her face, and I'm fairly sure her hair was cut. Way to stick up, Great Shape Barbie!

I was amused.

Ladies, do you have favourites?


Lynette said...

I had the Barbie with long hair that changed to pink when you sprayed it with whatever was in the bottle that came with it. There was a pink comb with stars on it and you could spray the liquid through that and then star-shaped pinkness would appear in her hair! Unfortunately, I lost that bottle down the grate in our backyard. That was a sad day.
However, as I have said before, YOUR collection of Barbies was amazing! Jealous :P That was definitely a highlight of going to your house!

Maria said...

Are you implying that boys don't play with dolls? Because my brothers do: there is no difference between Barbies and the other figures from various toy companies, such as Playmobil.

Deborah said...

My favotite Barbie's legs eventually fell off. Guess she wasn't in good shape ;0). My girls inherited a few of my less favorite ones. They now ask the same question I did as a child.

"What's the deal with the Barbie having bent arms and every time you move them her head spins?!? It's creepy and annoying!" Not to mention hard to dress!

I also still have all my dolls...