Mar 28, 2009

An entry.

A small detour from the mountains of homework, and I end up here. Nothing too great to write today, just the exponential mundaness of an essay filled world.

And yet, all is well.

The essay I've been working on is about Christian Scholarship. The world of academia from a God centred perspective. Many of my readers are thinking to themselves, yeah, as opposed to what?


God is dead, and we killed him.

Here is where academia in a Christian environment is hard. How can we be in the world but not of it? Especially in a place like school. We have to be taught all the wonderful beauties and ideas that people throughout history have developed, but to the glory of God.

Coming into Redeemer from a public school. I've been through two different worlds of Academia. You want my honest opinion? The change in a Christian university is in the environment. When students are held accountable and its not just a 'beer fest' as a Crown article recently suggested of secular universities. When the art of loving other people, and living with them, by the Grace of God is taught. When the Biblical worldview penetrates every aspect of academia, this is a Christian worldview.

But like I said, this entry is a small detour from the essay...

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