Jan 28, 2009


I finally got around to seeing the movie with the little robot and a lot of trash.

I have to commend this movie, for several reasons.

1) It did its job as far as going over the top with how humans will pollute the earth, and get really fat because their lives are basically run at the expense of robots and mechanical creatures (in 2011...the ship was launched...that's in 2 years our time...).

2) The storyline, although cutesie, was not over the top childish, and bluntly obvious, at least not to the point where every scene would open with a groan, and the echos of 'are you serious' from the movie viewers.

3) The animation in this movie was really well done. It is rightly nominated for an Oscar, and should win.

There were two bits of this movie that really distinguished it, and therefore enlisted itself on my list of movie greats. I really enjoyed the part of the movie where Wall.E and EVE make it into the repair centre for robots. 'Repair centre for Robots' was just a nice way of calling it a mental institution for the sick robotic beings. Clearly, the two best robots in that institution were the ones playing Ping Pong, or, the Painting robot, with the yellow paint all over the place. He was pretty cool. But the idea that there was actually an institution for faulty robots was just hilarious. What a reflection of our society! (nevermind the fat humans on hovering chairs that just....float).

The second bit of greatness came in the credits. I was really impressed with the way the credits were laid out, as if humanity had started all over again from the beginning. We see the world though the eyes of all the criticisms and artistic greatness throughout the ages. We went through all the eras during the credits. From the ancient peoples all the way into the Medieval period and the pioneer and conquest eras. Into Picasso, and the Group of Seven. Very intelligent.

Wall.E is worth the watch. I suggest it as a must. And as it was made as a children's film, there is no problem with it being sketchy. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's cute without being cutesie. And yes, the closing credits are really creative!

One of my favourite characters was MO, the cleaning robot, just because he was so funny!