Jan 19, 2009

Of Pinocchio

Thank you Deborah for giving me the 'A real person award'. In case those of you haven't figured out, the woman in the photo is Marie Antoinette.

I'm tempted to jump up and down, screaming, 'I'm a REAL Boy!!!' but, i feel that would be entirely inappropriate. I would also like to mention that, although I am sure this award is given out with wonderful intentions, the idea of choosing Marie Antoinette as the 'spokes girl' is highly dishonourable.

If you need to know a little more about Ms. Antoinette, I suggest taking a trip to Wikipedia.

Otherwise, I am pleased to announce that I am of the same rite as Pinocchio...a real person...Yippee!

Also, I pass this award onto Sherilyn at csvan.blogspot.com . However, I choose to modify the award slightly. Instead of using Ms. Antoinette to represent such a prestigious award, I offer my respects to Pinocchio. May we all strive to be real people. :)

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