Jan 13, 2009

Heated discussion

It seems to me, that the school's idea of saving money involves disregarding the idea of HEATING A BUILDING entirely. As the classrooms get more and more frigid, the students become increasingly annoyed. And, of course, Prof Needham wears increasingly ugly sweaters (think Bill Cosby meets the mom's boyfriend in 'The Santa Claus'). As if that was my main complaint.

I think that the moment we all realized that the school was coping out on heat, was when we woke up one morning and the heat was set at 15 degrees, meaning that the actual heat in the dorm was 10 degrees. Not exactly the best thing to wake up to in the morning. I think it was the first time since the beginning of the school year that the bathroom didn't heat up after my shower. The mirror steamed up, but the floor was still cold. I wished I had worn slippers in my mad dash back to my room.

So then Tuesday (which is today), I got smart (not Steve Carrell smart, fortunately). I woke up and the first actions of my morning were rolling, reluctantly from my bed, and placing on my feet my dearly beloved slippers. Then, I openned my door, expecting the same chilly blast as the day before. It never came.

I wandered over to the thermostat (after starting the coffee maker...what's a morning without a good cup of joe) and noticed that the heat was set at 21. This was a definite improvement to the night before. So I hopped in the shower, knowing that when I got out, the bathroom floor would be warm, per usual. To my excitement (yes..excitement), it was the warmest bathroom floor ever! After fixing my hair, applying some make-up, I sat down with my coffee and ate some breakfast, only to listen to the complaints of the girls living in the upstairs rooms, that it was too hot!

Personally, I like having my hands and feet be the same temperature as the rest of my body. But tonight, there will be a compromise. The heat will be set at 18 degrees...which I think is fair.

I'll just have to remember my slippers in the morning!

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Deborah said...

There is nothing worse than being cold!!!!