Jan 12, 2009

Exasperation Inspiration

In the spirit of being totally frustrated with the internet here at this beloved school of mine, I may be incredibly cynical here. I had been having some problems changing my profile photograph, and uploading entries and whatnot. I have also been inherently disgruntled with the annoying tendancy of the school's email advisor to freeze my internet and just erase everything I had been working on. Luckily, the IT department is in the process of fixing the connection problems, and the moody-ness of the school's IP. So, with some luck, they have resotred the internet capabilities in the main building, with pending results (I would expect) in the dorms and Rec Centre. Lucky for all us University students, the two things that don't seem to be affected is Facebook and MSN Messenger (go figure..).

This past week has been full of random inspirations for me. My new favourite place in the school has become the Art hallway, which is saturated with student works (often for sale). Many of these are incredibly impressive. I enjoy simply existing amidst the artistic greatness, to let my mind and consciousness seep into the paintings and follow the brushstrokes like a character in fiction. Then, of course, I write. Just sit and write about all the wonder and beauty, embellish a little, and if I get lucky, some sort of plausible story with emerge.

I really do love being able to just sit and be apart of creation. One of the things I miss most about the previous semester was the warm fall months. There's a middle aged Maple tree out on the hill in front of our dorm. It yeilded just enough shade to slip a blanket on the grass and read. That spot is one of my favourites on campus. In the fall, the tree changed colours as trees do, and the entire image drawn was one of bright colours.

I recently finished a book called 'the Orphaned Anythings'. I cannot even attempt to tell you what it is about, but that it is indeed some of the best writing I have ever read. (Turns out I'm not so cynical, eh). I should like you all to read it. In essence, I have decided I might like photography. As long as it is done correctly. Writing is wonderful, but sometimes giving the real, creatively done photo of time, held in a single place, immortalized, is kinda fun.

Anyways, those are todays thoughts.


Anonymous said...

hey, Brittany, I love finding somebody with a real blog! I went back a few posts just to get an idea of what you write about, and I empathize with your financial situation--I had/have a similar thing, except instead of grants I have a benefit 'cause Dad teaches here.

Also, I LOVE fall too, and miss it. I can't wait for next one…

ps. I like your writing.

Deborah said...

You know you can do writing AND photography because your writing is awesome! I love reading what you have to say.