Jan 15, 2009


I am so excited right now. I have just come back from Hot Spot, (for those readers who don't know what that is, the jist is just like an hour and a half of praise and worship) so my excitement comes from a very evident spiritual high. It also comes from the realization that the world situation, finances, and wars are the beginning of an incredible revival in the Church.

Let me explain.

I have this feeling deep inside me that this generation is begging for something new. The church is being turned upside down with radical worship. The African church has spread like wildfire throughout the land. Universities in Korea are meeting for prayer at 5am every morning. The western god of money is falling, and people are desiring more. They want to know why their gods are not answering their calls.

Earlier, I blogged about the 'pursuit of happyness' that this culture is facing. In that pursuit, we have settled for a money-driven society filled with the notion of 'me, me, me'. This mentality is starting to fall apart. People's futures are no longer secure. Big corporations are shutting down. The middle-eastern wars are raging on, as intense as ever. The USA is coming under new leadership. Canadian politics are hitting a climax. The economy is suffering. And in all that, the despair, the brokenness, there is a shift in the modern story. The modern story allowing us to believe whatever we want. The story where a true God is fallacy, and human capability is all that matters- that story is falling apart. In all the mess of the world, and the economy, God is sending a fantastic revival through His church.

It's up to this generation to get out of the pit of religion, and start bringing the Gospel, the story of God's redemptive plan, to the world. The kingdom of God is drawing near. So Christians, I urge you, be on your guard. Spread the good news. For the Spirit is moving.

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