Sep 17, 2008

Running as a way of life..

Okay, so Phys Ed in a University Core Course I have to I am unathletic. I am lazy. I am open to admitting that. I am not, however, keen on running, or exercising, or sweating. Sweating is icky. Sweating is wet. I would rather not sweat.

The strange thing is, since I have been on this (please don't laugh) 2 hours of exercise per week plan, I have actually enjoyed it. However, I have a few rules I abide by.

1) I will not go running with a fellow girl at night. I tried this once. Apparently, the boys in the Hammer (ie, Hamilton) are incredibly perverted. We went running, and it was about 9pm, and we got hooted and whistled at a few times. And by a few times I mean about 5. Now, I have resolved to go running with guys. Locals will not whistle if you are with the boys. I also am forced to stretch myself more when I run with the guys.

2) I run at night. Running at night is so..refreshing? There is something about running in cold weather that both makes you less hot, and makes you sweat less. I count the less sweat to the less hot.

3) I talk when I run. It makes time go faster. Plus it makes you breathe. A lot.

So, if you feel like running could be for you, take my advice and just do it. You will feel better. But don't forget to stretch afterwards...I learned the hard way just how sore you can be the next 3 days...


Deborah said...

Just what I needed to read as I sit here devouring a bag of chocolate. I think I'll go weed the garden now... :-)

Rekman Sea to Sea 2008 said...

I think I stretched three times all summer, haha. And if you are able to talk while running you aren't working at full capacity. That's what my kinesiology teacher told me. :P