Sep 7, 2008

Home sweet Home

Welcome to my humble abode. Well, my half anyways. The second picture is of my roommate and all her stuff. Her stuff is much in numbers.

We also took a trip the Walmart in Meadowlands one night which was a pretty fun time. These are two of my dormmates being the amazing people that they are :)

Frog Olympics were pretty cool. We got dirty, we had a tug-o-war in the mudpit.
And then we did the amazing thing of getting dressed up for the Decade Dance. This is my amazing Dorm. We all looked pretty fantastic. I really do love Redeemer. I'm hoping that this place becomes as much of a home to me as anything. I'm praying that this year God will open my eyes and teach me how to live. I'm looking forward to all the new friends I'll be making, the struggles that I'll have and the fun times that will make University life so fun. Home sweet home is what this is. A pretty amazing group of people all living for one God. The God.
I pray that we will have a safe and blessed year.

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Deborah said...

I wondered if they still did the Frog olympics.

May you have a blessed and wonderful year, Brittany!