Sep 4, 2008

The End of Summer.

Today is September 4th. I am awaiting my second class. So here I sit on my front porch enjoying the view of the hill, trees and school building. It's really very beautiful here. Kind of secluded, but wonderful. I'm making a lot of great new friends! I guess that means that summer is over.

School is fun. I really do love it. It's going to be a little strange to go back to class after having 8 months of no homework, no teachers, no textbooks. (Don't even get me started on how expensive textbooks are. I feel saddened, knowing I have spent a good chunk of my money on books I cannot write in (no, actually, will not. I have a thing against writing in books. I don't know why. One of my many idiosyncrazies?). I had to buy sticky tack because I lost the stuff I bought originally. But the good news is, my doormmate Brianne and I found a job! Redeemer CRC in Meadowlands is looking for help with the coffee-break program! So We get to babysit children from 9-11 on wednesday mornings for 10$ a morning! I'm kinda excited about that!

And now, for the count you have waited for all summer. How many MarineLand commercials were there? 108.5! Good year. Sad, that we spend so much money on advertising. However, it does give me something to do all summer. If you are interested in starting your own Marineland commercial count, I suggest watching the evening news. AChannel, CTS, CityTV, Global. These stations show it regularily. You also may luck out with the CBC, but this year, it was all about the Olympics. The moral? Yes, I watch too much TV. :)

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