Sep 24, 2008

Meet Travis

Most people have 8 people living in their dorm. We have nine. Meet Travis.
Travis is the honorary house member because he is always there. You wake up, and you see Travis. You go to bed and the last person you see is Travis. You eat and Travis cleans up your dishes. You play euchre, Travis is your fourth. You have to study, Travis is always the first to interupt your thought progression.
Despite the photograph to the left, Travis doesn't actually sleep at our dorm. No, he just lives there in all other aspects. The RA next door made a good comment. He suggested that one of the girls in our dorm should just take the hint and start dating him.
The only problem with that, is that we all know specifically what girl in our dorm should date him...but won`t.
Like him or hate him, he is the honorary nineth member of our dorm. That is Travis.


Alison said...

Sounds like he's not too imposing, apart from when he interrupts your train of thought!j

Megan said...

ahha! that is funny. but he's never around anymore. :(

ps. I'm lurking your blog. :)