Sep 30, 2008

I know I was overjoyed to leave home. A month has gone by, living away from those who raised me, shaped me and loved me, and I have come to a few very important realizations.

I don't miss living there. I don't miss living at home, with my family. Most of me was ready to get out, flutter my own wings, persay. Write my own story (not that I hadn't been doing that already..). The idea of not having my parents looking over my shoulder and telling me how to live my life was ideal. More than ideal, that was a Utopia to me. Even though I don't wish to live at home, I do miss a few things.

Most imporantly and noticably is my sister. I miss her like crazy. I miss her laugh and her smile and the deep sister conversations we would have about everything after school on the days mom would be working. I miss curling up in my favourite spot on the couch in the den. The one where I can see out the window and watch the birds and the bunnies. The one where I can see the flowers in the garden in our backyard. I miss cheddar cheese. It's not that they don't have cheddar cheese here, it's just that one girl has a severe dislike for it.

I have also realized that my Mom and Dad have taught me well. Two things that drive me crazy: a messy bathroom, and a messy kitchen. I think the kitchen here is a lost cause. Something tells me everytime I go home this year, I will see the nice clean kitchen and look at it longingly, somehow hoping the one in my dorm could look the same. The bathroom isn't too bad. Lots of mosquitos getting in from the door, but we have found a sufficient way of getting rid of those; the vacuum.

I miss my fast home internet. I miss my church family, and I miss hugs from Mom. As much as I love RUC, all these things just creep into my soul sometimes and I think and smile, that home can still be home.

If only my own bed was as awesome as the one here...and that's not sarcasm!!!

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